3 Things to Know if You Want to Embed a Video Header Into Your Website

video headers on websites

Add Some Motion To Your Message

You’ve almost certainly seen websites with video headers. “How did they get everything to move?” is usually the response that we get from clients when we show them sites with this feature.  An example of this would be a dentist in Marlton, NJ that has a montage of stock footage as the header, a feature that really makes the site pop.  Although the implementation is quite simple (if you’re using a WordPress theme) there are a number of things that you need to know before you try to implement this really cool feature.

1. The Format Matters

There are a number of video formats, but only a few that play nicely with WordPress themes.  I highly suggest you go with a .mov, since it is a format that seems to be universally compatible.

2. Don’t Even Try To Do HD

An HD video is going to be way too big for your website.  You want to go with a SD with a 480 resolution.  While that sounds like it may be a bit low, it is what you’ve seen across the internet, and you’ve probably never noticed that the site hero sections were not in high definition.

3. Buy Nice Stock Footage

If you’re going to do a video header, don’t waste time and effort editing some amateurish footage that you shot on your iPhone.  Head over to Shutterstock and check out some of the footage that they have available.  On a small budget, you can have access to footage that is as nice as anything that you will see on a network television advertisement.  Take advantage of this resource and get some good video.

If You Do It, Do It Right

There are themes that allow you to embed video straight from YouTube, but very few of them work well.  Every theme that I’ve attempted to stream YouTube video through had an unacceptably long delay; by the time the video started playing, the visitor would have already scrolled way past the video header.  If you luck out and figure out a way to get around the delay, go for it.  I imagine that eventually this may be taken care of, but as of the beginning of 2018, it is still a problem.

Secondly, I can’t overstate the importance of doing it right.  Don’t use low quality video.  Don’t put illegible text over it.  Don’t skew the video if it isn’t filling the screen right.  Just make sure that if you do it, the video is embedded the right way