4 Things to Consider When Designing a Website


4 Things to Consider When Designing a Website

In many cases a well-designed website can make or break a business. This post will go through all of the most important elements that one must consider when developing a new website.

The first thing that one must consider is the visitor. Are your customers most likely to be older non-tech savvy adults or are we talking about teenagers that live and die with technology every day. The layout of your website must take all of this into consideration. For example design elements such as a hamburger menu will work for a text savvy visitor but may confuse older visitors but don’t spend a lot of time on the Internet. The last thing that a business want to do is miss out on a sale because the visitor was on able to find the menu hidden behind the hamburger menu. This is why it is important to design with the user in mind.

The second thing that one must always consider is what is the action that you wish for the visitor to take. Are you trying to get them to sign up for your email list? Do you want them to purchase something? Do you want them to call you? Are you trying to get them to do some other action? Whatever it is, you need to tell them what to do. It must be extremely explicit, and it must be extremely prominent on the website. If what you are hoping to accomplish is to have people sign up for your newsletter, you’re opting cannot be in the lower right-hand corner of your navigation. If your goal is indeed to have someone sign up for your newsletter, You need to have that front and center, maybe even above the fold, one of the first things that one sees when arriving on the website.

The third thing that one must consider is the tone. Are you going for sophisticated? Modern? Sleep? Familiar? Formal? You need to tone both in the writing that will be on the website and the photography and images that you’re going to use throughout the site. A website that has a very sleek and modern look may not drive as well with copy that is very familiar and informal. Obviously, there will be situations when such a combination works, but it must be deliver it. In other words if you’re going to mix a modern look with informal language, you better have a good reason for it and you should be part of the plan not an accident.

The fourth thing that one must consider is the device that visitors are most likely to visit on. There are certain industries, for example home services, that the majority of the visitors are going to be visiting on mobile devices. At the same time, most Beta B websites are going to be visited on desktop so it’s important to consider that not everything on the Internet is being viewed on mobile devices. That said it’s so important to have a good mobile and desktop. But one must remember that the visitors are most likely to visit on one device or another and very seldom would be a 50-50 percent split.


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