How to Get Started with SEO


SEO is an unusual field in that some of its most renowned practitioners have little to no formal marketing training. It’s common to run into accomplished SEOs that majored in Music, art history, or exercise science in college; it’s almost equally as common to run into some that never finished college at all.

The nice thing is that it is a field that you can learn on your own and the Internet abounds with resources that can help you become a solid online marketer and SEO.

This post is going to talk about the first steps that you probably want to consider taking when getting started with SEO. From tools that you should explore, to blogs you should be checking out, to other resources that you cannot mess, we’ll be covering a number of them.

Learn to Use Free and Paid SEO Tools

There are countless paid SEO tools out there. They vary from being indispensable to being utterly useless and for a newcomer it can be hard to distinguish between them. I recommend you take a look at this article about the top SEO tools over at SEO For Growth. They’ve done a great rundown of tools that you should definitely be taking a look at if you one to get started with the SEO.

I also recommend learning to use free resources such as the autosuggest function of the search engine results page. These tools can provide valuable insights into what Google thinks of a topic and what you should be writing about when planning content.

Check Out Youtube

There are a few very good YouTube channels dedicated to the practice of SEO. Brian Dean’s Backlinko channel is the first that comes to mind, but income school is another very good channel dedicated to SEO. If you have intentions to get into affiliate marketing, you should start with Income School and move on to Backlinko once you seem to get the message of Income School.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are my personal favorite way to expand my knowledge about online marketing and SEO. Podcasts such as “Experts on the Wire” and “The Art of Paid Traffic” are a good place to start. Experts on the Wire seems to have all of the big names in SEO and is very well planned out; the host typically touches upon the most important topics in the industry and you can rest assured that eventually there will be an expert on the podcast that will share invaluable knowledge.

Other advantage of listening to podcasts to expand your knowledge is that it can be done in the car during your commute, during your work out, or even while you’re doing house chores. Given the rich amount of information that is shared on these podcasts, they are hey very effective way for you to get the most out of some of your least productive activities.

Start Reading Blogs—Now

There are a number of extremely valuable blogs that you should be already reading.  Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs all manage extremely valuable blogs that you should read if you wish to become a solid SEO.

The Moz blog tends to focus on overall SEO and content marketing practices. They have some of the foremost experts in the field and you can rest assured that all of the important topics in SEO will be eventually covered on this blog.  The SEMRush blog tends to focus on data and is very heavy on studies, while the Ahrefs blog tends to focus on tips and techniques for using its tools to plan content.

It’s really important to stay on top of new developments in SEO as well. Search engine land is like a newspaper for our industry; you should be reading it at least once a week.

You Can Learn SEO on Your Own

The great thing about SCO and the Internet is that you can become good at it by identifying me right resources, consuming them thoroughly, and sticking to Best practices espoused by industry leaders. Between YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, and all of the great tools that are out there, you can learn how to become a world class SEO if you’re willing to put in the time.