What is PPC Advertising and AdWords Platform?

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What is PPC Advertising and the AdWords Platform?

Have you ever seen the advertisements alongside the results that you have searched on search engines? If yes, then you already have a visual representation of PPC advertising. Let’s find out what it is and how it works.  If you’re interested in learning more after reading this piece, we highly recommend Sagapixel’s guide to PPC ads found on their website.

What is PPC?

A simple definition of PPC is ‘it is an online advertising model in which thousands of advertisers can display their business-related ads.’ Every time when people searching for the services related to their businesses, add relevant keywords or queries into different search engines, your business ad will be displayed that will catch the customers’ attention.

The ads display on different search engines like GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, etc. However, the advertisers are charged for displaying ads only when a visitor clicks on ads, and that is why it is known as “PPC or Pay-per-click.”


How does PPC Advertisement work?

  • Understanding is important:

If you want to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns, then understand the process of PPC working is crucial. Most of the time businesses/individuals directly jump into creating PPC campaigns which result in unexpected return.

  • 3 parties:

There involve 3 main parties in the whole process of PPC advertising; advertisers, PPC network, and publishers. The advertisers are one who wants to run their business ads. Similarly, PPC network is which act as a middleman between advertisers and publishers. While publishers are those who run ads on their websites and take less amount through the whole process. The advantage of publishers is businesses cost less and networks earn more by a team with them. So overall it’s a win-win deal for all.

  • The keyword is everything:

The whole campaign base on keyword research. The average cost of keyword decides the earning from pay-per-click. If the advertisers compete for all the same keyword, then no doubt the price would be high. Moreover, GOOGLE only provides limited advert slots for a targeted keyword, so it becomes difficult for the businesses to claim their spot. Google offers 4 slots for ad placement, most advertisers compete to take the 1st position but it’s not always worth. It’s all depends upon the keyword average cost and average clicks.

What are the elements of PPC?

There are various elements that play important role in the effectiveness of PPC.

  • The Campaign: A PPC campaign contains a variety of ad groups which relate to the advertising strategies.
  • The Ad Group: As you can understand the name it is related to a group of ads related to the particular campaign.
  • Keywords: Keyword is the most important thing because of the campaign based on it.
  • Ad Text: It is necessary to add relevant data for running ads.
  • Landing Page: The page is needed to display ads somewhere. A landing page is a place with relevant keywords and ad text.

These all elements are interlinked with each other to make the online PPC advertisement successful.

PPC Advertising Platforms

There are many PPC advertising platforms which include Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook much more. We are going to discuss the most famous-Google AdWords introduced by Google.

What is Google AdWords?

We have already stated above what PPC advertising is and how it works. Now Google AdWords is the most famous platform for PPC advertising platform where you can bid for the highest rated keywords related to your business. However, due to large traffic volume and for ad positions it is one of the best ad campaign platforms among others. As we know Google is the most common search engine that is being accessed by billions of people per second that is why it is the first priority of millions of businesses. But why it is of so much importance?

How to use Google AdWords for PPC?

The advertisers can access/target two kinds of the network; the search network and the display network. However, for PPC it is the search network in which advertisers bid for the keywords that are being searched by the targeted audience.

There are some of the great steps that can help you to make your PPC campaign a successful one.

  1. Establish account goals:

The very first step is to establish account goals. For what you are going to use AdWords? Whether you are using for your e-commerce site or for branding site, it is necessary to establish account goals.

  1. Determine audience:

The most crucial part of every business and campaign; determine your targeted audience. Who will be your audience? When the most search? What are their devices, etc.?

  1. Conduct keyword research:

Without keyword, no business can get success in online world. You can place your business ads in search results when users search for what you are offering right now. However, the google keyword planner helps to know the keyword’s volume, cost, and competition, etc.

  1. Bid time:

If you have determined what will be your keyword, it’s time to do bidding by doing maths. If the CPC of the keywords looks high, then take granular; surely volume will fall, however, same as cost.

Moreover, it’s crucial to spend most of your important AdWords time one keyword research and only bit for those keywords that give you high rate conversions.

  1. Structure account:

The most important step is structuring account. As your AdWords account is for campaigns with different goals. However, it is necessary to keep your campaigns in close relation with ad groups. Each of the campaigns should feature fistful of keywords and hyper-relevant ads.

  1. Write ads:

It’s time to write ads that can help you to increase CTR. It should have compelling headings, call to action and ads related keywords. However, the extensions make your ads even bigger also informative.

  1. Attractive landing page:

This is the place where visitors are going to click ads and going to convert into your customers or not.

  1. Implement conversion tracking:

You need them to place the needed code on your site and then use AdWords to create the higher conversion goals.

  1. Grow Remarketing list:

It is essential to growing your Remarketing list as this helps you to keep your services in front of viewers even in case if they don’t turn into customers at the first site visit.

  • Routine optimization:

Regularly check for your ad copy and the keywords. However, it is necessary to disqualify negative keywords from queries and it’s done. Earn your profit!

We hope that this explanation about PPC advertising and AdWords will help you to understand the basics of them.