What is a User Agent?


What is a user agent?

When your browser attempts When you visit a website, there are all kinds of technical things that happen. The first thing that happens is your browser has to connect to the server. It sends out what’s called a user agent to complete a handshake with the server and begin getting all of the information off of it. The user agent provides information such as the operating system that your computer is using, the browser that you were using, as well as the device.

Why are user agents important?

This information is very useful for the analytics of a website, which will then be used for the web sites owner to make decisions as far as contents, marketing decisions, and many other unforeseeable applications. When designing a website, one must keep in consideration all the different browsers, operating systems, and devices that one may visit the site with. The last thing that a person wants is to spend a whole lot of money developing a website only to discover that it won’t work for people that are using major browsers such as chrome or that it won’t display properly on android devices. Very often, web designers will use a simulator to simulate what it is like to visit a website using a variety of computers, monitor sizes, devices, and browsers. It is very important to complete the step because of the aforementioned chance to Build a website that people are on able to visit on certain devices and browser configurations.