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Home Recording Blog – What is Working?

Designing a blog is a lot more involved then designing a small business website. The differences are related to the way that we’re organizing information and the type of content that we’re communicating to the visitor. When designing a blog, it’s important to be clear as to what value you were providing to the visitor as opposed to communicating the type of business that you are in. In the next post we are going to be taking a look at The Little Red Light, a music recording blog that features both reviews of recording equipment and tutorials on how to use them.

Taxonomy of the Site

Just start, beside the Berkshire taxonomy. It organizes posts into categories such as gear reviews, tutorials, and recording techniques. It also utilizes tags such as vocals, bass, drums, and guitar. The value of this is that it allows a visitor to organize content based on whether he is looking for a tutorial on how to best record a specific sound source or if you simply looking to look at reviews related to a specific type of instrument. It is very important to maintain a clear and organized taxonomy on a blog because you will have a variety of visitors with varying reasons for being on the website. It is important that your blog meet the needs of all of these visitors buy organizing and presenting the information in the clearest, most effective manner.

Images of Recording Equipment on The Little Red Light

One of the things the best works on this website is its use of imagery. Well the photos have a pop art aesthetic which remains consistent throughout the blog. While other sites tend to have a look that does not vary from one site to another. The bright vibrant aesthetic that the photography gives to the site is quite inviting. This effect is a elements in the image, colorizing it using Photoshop, then colorizing the inverse part of the photograph with a complementary or compound color. This aesthetic is similar to one used on the ringer.com, very popular sports blog.

Content on Site

Another very cool feature of this site is the way that it has balance gear reviews and tutorials. Most music related websites seem to fall squarely into the categories of affiliate marketing or informational sales; the site on the other hand seems to balance tutorials on how to use recording equipment and reviews of said Recording equipment. By featuring content from both these areas, a visitor will find everything that he could potentially want from a music recording blog. From being able to select pieces of equipment to actually using this equipment, the visitor should be set to obtain professional sounding recordings from this blog and the equipment that it describes.

Links to Social Media

Another thing that is quite apparent on this website is that it does not have a social media on every single platform out there. By focusing on Instagram and YouTube, the blog is better able to concentrate its efforts on the media that is best work on. There’s no reason for blog like this job a Twitter of Facebook presence if its expertise is in video.

By producing tutorials that he can share on video based platforms, the little red light is able to better promote the content that is found on his blog.


The first thing that jumps out of me when visiting this site is the clear and clean layout of all of the content. The typeface is large at about 16 to 18 pixels, and there is abundant use of whitespace on the left and right of each blog post. Abundant use of photos and video also makes the content particularly skimmable, an important feature of a blog in 2018.

The site also has a sparse navigation, making it easy to find the content the visitor is interested in. By placing only home, about, tutorials, interviews, and contact items in the navigation, is easy to find whatever It is that you were looking for. This is likely to have the benefits of increased user attention and repeat visitors to the site.

Another feature that works particularly well on this website is via use of full with images at the top of each blog post. Many blogs use smaller images that do not shows many detail, but for a website that’s providing reviews of fairly expensive pieces of equipment, it’s necessary to have detailed images at the top of each piece. By providing these striking, colorful images, the blog is providing a good amount of value to its visitors.