“What’s Working With This Site’s Design” – We Kratom

site selling Red Vein Thai Kratom

“What’s Working on this Site” – We Kratom

A breakdown of the UX of a site selling kratom

Selling any sort of supplement on the internet requires a well designed site that is easy to navigate.  In this post, we’re going to analyze a website that sells red vein kratom.

Upon landing on the We Kratom website, we find a number of elements.  The first thing that jumps out at the visitor is the wide array of informational articles about kratom.  Without even needing to scroll down the site, one can find extensive information about it, including a complete guide, information about its euphoric qualities, its uses for alleviating the effects of depression, and a number of other benefits.

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site selling Red Vein Thai Kratom


The site features a dark navigation with links to articles about the uses of kratom, its legality, and a link to buy it.  Given the laws of primacy and recency, it would be best to feature the most important elements on the site both first and last.  Assuming that the goal of the site is to drive sales, the “buy now” link would probably be best to locate as the first or last element in the navigation.

A solid positive element of the navigation are the links to the various social media channels that the site has.  It is important to link to these pages in order to help the search engine learn more about the business’s online presence,  as well as to drive potential connections to customers on social media.

Header elements

The site has a feed of featured articles in the header.  There is a horizontal scroll that allows the user to browse the various kratom-related articles.  The upside to such a feature is that it provides the various articles an SEO boost by providing a front page link, but the downside is that the availability of the articles that are located to the right is not apparent.  An unsophisticated internet user may not even realize that there are articles located to the right.

Site Background

The background image of the site is a closeup of some sort of green leaf, which one can assume is kratom.  It is a questionable design choice, since it is quite a vibrant image that could potentially draw attention away from the articles.  A better choice would be to feature a solid background that allows the images from the articles to pop out at the visitor.

Shipping Information

This company offers free shipping, but does not announce it until halfway down the page on the sidebar.  One way to improve the messaging on the site would be to make the free shipping extremely clear to visitors, potentially putting it in the top bar or in a call to action bar below the header. By doing this, site visitors would be far more likely to realize that the site offers free shipping and would nudge them towards conversion.

Content Breakdown

The large amount of content available on the site is its best feature.  The first page is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to learn more about Kratom.  It features over 20 articles about different aspects of kratom and is likely to answer any questions that a potential customer may have.  This increases the likelihood of being found through search and it provides excellent value in providing valuable information to internet users, which sends positive SEO user signals to the search engines.  By posting valuable, unique content frequently, the site is able to rank well for terms related to kratom, helping it to drive sales.


While this site has a number of design elements that could be improved, it is largely an effective ecommerce and informational site.  Any website owner, SEO, or content marketer can learn a thing or two by visiting this site and analyzing the various elements that have been employed in its user experience and design.