How to increase your YouTube Channel Views Using YouTube View Bots

How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Views and Subscribers – Using YouTube View Bots and Other Methods

You have already identified what you are passionate about, and genuinely feel some people can gain from your perspective, but your new YouTube channel is not attracting any body’s attention. What options do you have? let us explore

Remember the time when you enthusiastically set up the camera, adjusted the lighting, made sure your dress reflected your real personality, ensured that the background is appropriate. Finally, you put your heart out on the content you created with so much passion! The 15-minute video you recorded and uploaded on YouTube, but the anxious next few days and a seemingly never-ending long week later, the number of views didn’t amount to anything to write home about. How can anyone not like the idea you just discussed so emphatically? You wonder why? There is nothing wrong with your thoughts, content, or delivery. In such a chaotic, fast-paced, fleeting attention span world of YouTube, your video got buried under the weight of algorithms. These algorithms place unparalleled weightage on how popular content is before dishing it out users who are searching for similar content.

How can you get more views? A quintessential problem indeed for content creators and aspiring influencers. There are multiple methods If you cannot grow your viewership organically, or you are in a hurry to get maximum visibility in a short time, then you can use a bot.

YouTube is a powerful marketing channel. 8 out of 10 marketers feel YouTube is the most effective platform for video content ( Globe 2019 ). With over 2 billion users, its monthly active users are only second to Facebook. With an increase in the consumption of video as a medium to take in information about news events and new products, it’s known that 90% of people have reported that they discovered new brands or products on YouTube. One may start with the notion that their idea or proposition is unique, but with the volume of content creators already on the platform, its most probably that there are similar channels on YouTube, who might be canvassing your idea. How do you rank on top of these related channels, especially when you are just starting?

YouTube algorithms consider multiple factors, factors as Watch Time – Whether your videos have watch time more than 50% or not? Click-Through Rate – how many people decide to click on your video while only looking at the thumbnail in the search results, Post Velocity – The degree of engagement your video has garnered in the first 24 hours of being posted. But the most critical aspect is the number of subscribers and views that your channel and videos have collected. Curated viewership is the single most crucial aspect of all the factors YouTube considers to determine if there is traction for your content. It is not just another vanity metric, it’s one of the most critical parameters to allow you to monetize your YouTube channel.

There are multiple ways you can grow your channel. There are organic ways, and then there are inorganic ways. Inorganic forms are those methods that don’t involve real user interaction; these can be quite effective and deliver results in a short time to give you the necessary push in terms of Views and Subscribers to your channel. One such method is to employ YouTube View Bots or YouTube Sub Bots. Let’s understand this better.

What is a YouTube View Bot?

A bot is a software program designed to run autonomously. The software program or a bot (short for a robot) mimics a real user and start interacting with your content.

How does a YouTube View Bot Works?

The bot is designed to mimic various regions, so for example, it uses VPN and other masking techniques to project that your users are coming from multiple geographies across the world instead of just say the United States. The bot also mimics a user’s actions like it can execute likes or subscribes to your channel and spend viewing time by keeping the videos playing in the background. It does this by deploying multiple threads (Threads are parallel programs running simultaneously)

How can I use the bot creatively?

You can use the automation in the bot to programmatically share your videos across multiple, enter comments on your videos. The best part of having a synthetic user or a bot is that you can schedule various tasks across 24 hours for it to keep interacting with your content.

Word of Caution for Using YouTube View Bots

Botting or use of YouTube view bots are against the YouTube Terms of Service; if caught, you run the risk of potentially getting banned from the platform. YouTube prides itself on being the custodian of authentic content and abhors the user of fake tactics to gain traction on the platform. This activity eventually puts a question mark on You Tube’s credibility of being a reliable source of valuable content. Think about it; it’s not just about YouTube’s ambition to be most genuine; it’s also about its revenue stream. As you know, YouTube makes money off displaying ads, a few years back, Google was brought under the scanner as it was alleged that Google was charging for ads that are viewed by bots. So the crackdown on bots is understandable from Google’s point of view.

What other Platforms can I use?

Apart from deploying bots to increase your viewership, you can also subscribe to various view exchange services. These services work on a fundamental principle. You register and log in with your YouTube channel on these platforms and participate in a mutual exchange of views of other users.

Grow Views

GrowViews allows you to increase your followers, your viewership. The platform enables you to boost your overall views on your channel, helps you to get more likes from other users. The system automates the entire viewing experience, one can start in the player, and the player keeps moving videos in the background to allow you to gain credits.


Sprizzy is a promotional platform explicitly designed for YouTube. It gives the right exposure for the content creators and brings the creators and fans together. They use advanced learning algorithms and targets the right set of audience which you pick and ensure that your content is readily viewable for those specific users. They claim to have helped over 10,000 channels!



Similar to GrowViews, YTMonster is an exchange platform

and it has been around for a few years. Services include YouTube Views, YouTube Likes, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Reshares. It also includes YouTube Dislikes! Once registered, you can earn credits for videos watched and then use a combination of paid and earned credits to further grow your channel’s overall viewership through running campaigns.

Finally, do you own due diligence and review the You Tube Fake Engagement Policy, before you decide to take on any of the strategies listed above.