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What’s Working With This Site? – Home Recording

Home Recording Blog – What is Working? Designing a blog is a lot more involved then designing a small business website. The differences are related to the way that we’re organizing information and the type of content that we’re communicating to the visitor. When designing a blog, it’s important to be clear as to what […]

“What’s Working With This Site’s Design” – We Kratom

site selling Red Vein Thai Kratom

“What’s Working on this Site” – We Kratom A breakdown of the UX of a site selling kratom Selling any sort of supplement on the internet requires a well designed site that is easy to navigate.  In this post, we’re going to analyze a website that sells red vein kratom. Upon landing on the We […]

5 Reasons Why Less Is More in A Responsive Web Design

5 Reasons Why Less Is More in A Responsive Web Design With growing trends and massive developments, most of us prefer using the internet to find answers to our queries and problems. And with this change, it has become especially important to pay attention to the making of your website. In today’s terms, less is […]

3 Things to Know if You Want to Embed a Video Header Into Your Website

video headers on websites

Add Some Motion To Your Message You’ve almost certainly seen websites with video headers. “How did they get everything to move?” is usually the response that we get from clients when we show them sites with this feature.  An example of this would be a dentist in Marlton, NJ that has a montage of stock […]

What is a 404 to 301 Plugin?

What is a 404 to 301 plug-in? This is a plug-in that will send a person that found a page not found at to the front page of your website or whatever other page you designate. 404 is the error code for a page not found, a very frustrating experience for a person that is […]

What is a User Agent?

What is a user agent? When your browser attempts When you visit a website, there are all kinds of technical things that happen. The first thing that happens is your browser has to connect to the server. It sends out what’s called a user agent to complete a handshake with the server and begin getting […]

4 Things to Consider When Designing a Website

4 Things to Consider When Designing a Website In many cases a well-designed website can make or break a business. This post will go through all of the most important elements that one must consider when developing a new website. The first thing that one must consider is the visitor. Are your customers most likely […]