A Guide to Crypto Trading Bots

7 Things to know about a Crypto Bot

In the world of Cryptocurrency trading, you can potentially gain an edge by deploying a Crypto Bot. It is one of the most exciting takes of automation on Cryptocurrency trading. Have you used one? Are you aware of it? Let’s dive in to understand it better.

What is a Crypto Bot?

A Crypto Bot is a software program designed to execute a predefined set of instructions. Think about the use case here. The cryptocurrency market works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. There is always a significant move happening in some time zone or another. You can potentially make money by deploying the Bot while you are sound asleep!

How does a Crypto Trading Bot work?

As a first step, you pick a Crypto Bot program you want to allow to trade on your behalf. The Bot connects to the exchange of your choice via APIs. For example, if you frequently trade on Binance, you can select which Bots are supported on the Binance platform and configure the Bot to trade based on set instructions given by you. Let’s say you have a specific trading style, and you look at particular parameters before deciding to jump in the trade. You can model your trading Bot’s behavior to reflect your trading system. You set it up to take action when the right conditions are met. Also, depending on the Bot, you can pick predefined or user-defined strategies and change your Bots trading style accordingly.

What are the advantages of a Crypto Trading Bot?

As with any programmed bots, the most critical advantage is availability. The crypto trading bot is available and ready to take action 24X7. When you trade all the open hours, your chances of making the right set of moves increase Open hours in the Crypto world is 24X7.

The second advantage of using a trading bot is it doesn’t let emotion be a factor in your trades, which is a significant plus. If you have been trading even for a little while, you would know emotions often get better of you. You wish you had the cold discipline of a robot to exit a trade when the target is met, or a stop loss is hit. There is no scope of revenge trade when you use a bot.

So you know you will not go down the path of chasing the next trade to kind of compensate your previous losses when you use a trading bot. A crypto trading bot can simultaneously execute multiple pairs of cryptocurrencies across many exchanges through automation, which is just not humanly possible.

What can the downsides of using a Crypto Trading Bot?

To authorize the trading bot to trade on your behalf, you have to assign your credentials to the Bot. This may look scary, given the number of times crypto traders have been scammed out of their private keys or even exchanges getting hacked.

There are, however, some precautions you can take by instructing the exchange on what kind of actions would the exchange allow your Bot to take. For example, you can tell the exchange to enable only to buy and sell by the Bot and not withdraw funds.

So you can safely and manually take action to withdraw your funds. You can also ensure the Bot is allowed on the exchange only from a specific IP, which you are aware of to disallow other connections.

As is the case of advertisements which are about making money, the crypto market is not averse to scams. You might end up with a bot, which is a scam, or even if it is legitimate, it might be so poorly coded that you may not make money.

What are the general recommendations before one starts using a Crypto Trading Bot?

Each individual has to come up with his/her plan of action on engaging a bot, but some general suggestions are :

  1. Split the funds marked for your Bot Trading portfolio across multiple exchanges. This way, you spread your risk.
  2. Use a portion of your entire portfolio to trade using a bot. I.e., don’t put your entire portfolio on the Bot to trade on your behalf.
  3. Don’t try to perfect a backtesting strategy, you will have losses going forward, and the history of a market is never a good indicator of what’s going to happen in the future.

How many types of Crypto Bots are there?

Out of hundreds of Bots out there, there are mainly four types of Bots, which are Arbitrage Bots, Market making Bots, Portfolio Bots, and Technical trading Bots.

Arbitrage Bots work by finding out price mismatches in different cryptocurrency trading pairs, either on the same exchange or on multiple exchanges.

Market Making Bots, as the name suggests, are designed to maintain liquidity in the market by making money off the bid-ask spread and simultaneously buying and selling.

Portfolio bots are not intended to target a specific profit percentage or execute winning strategies. They are designed to automate portfolio rebalancing, for example.

Which Crypto Bots are the most popular?

Few Bots have been around for some time and have had mostly positive reviews. One can look at any of the following three to start.


3Commas is one of the more established Bots out there. It offers all the essential strategies like short sells, stop loss and take profit orders, trailing orders, and composite bots, to name a few. Thirteen leading cryptocurrency exchanges support it. The Bot comes with a free trial account and has tiered pricing. Check its website for the latest pricing.


HaasBot has an innovative suite of software that appeals to both novice and experienced traders. It was founded in 2014 and offered some of the most comprehensive services and includes essential features such as TA, backtesting, safeties, and insurances.


GunBot is one of the best crypto trading bots, was founded in 2016, and supports eight popular exchanges. For beginners, GunBot offers precoded strategies that can be quickly implemented. It has an active community with over 2000 traders and even provides a lifetime license by paying once.

Blackbird Bot


While there are so many options out there for you to put your money on, it always helps to read up on what’s the general opinion of new technology.

You do your due diligence by visiting and researching at  Crypto focussed forums such as bitcoin talk, SteemIT, and Reddit.

Read up on other people’s opinions on the products and then make a decision. Automation can go both ways if you are not a very seasoned trader. It will be advisable first to develop trading psychology and then move towards a crypto bot.

The Most Popular Instagram Bots Compared (2020)

The Most Popular Instagram Bots Compared (2020)

Tired of following the Instagram accounts that appear to be never to follow you back? Or then again Instagram doesn’t permit you to like the related photographs in your specialty any longer? There is no compelling reason to do all these engagement activities manually.

There is a much improved and a quicker method to do these things: use the best Instagram bots. These are “like” and “comment” automation services that a large number of Instagram-based organizations and clients use all together increase the number of people who find, follow, connect with, and purchase from their records

These tools are “like” and “comment” automation services that a large number of Instagram-based organizations and clients use all together to increase the number of people who find, follow, connect with, and purchase from their records.

If you need to discover which automation tools are the best Instagram bots in the market, this article is for you. We’re going to look at the best Instagram bots in the market. Along these lines, hold on and read this article till the end.


The main Instagram Bot that endures all Instagram refreshes or updates. The devs designed the way that makes each account get its promotion. Each client gets a paid VIP VPN. It assists with deluding Instagram that both service and the client have similar information (location, IP, and so on.)


  • Auto Like and Auto Follow with a typical decision of focusing on channels. You can pick the pointers of the accounts, set up Gender or Language filters;
  • Unfollow that gives 4 choices of quick unfollowing like unfollow mutual, non-mutual, all-Ingramer and all follows;
  • Watching Stories, Likes to comments and feed, that raise the engagement and wide the effort;
  • Auto DM– An apparatus that is used for making mailouts to new and existing followers.

Ingramer figured out how to endure and proceed to create and convey new features to its customers.

Post Planner– It keeps all posts in control, in addition to you can upload both photographs and videos, create galleries, plan posts on your Stories and even get an individual arrangement of Hashtags for each distribution.

Free Hashtag Generator– You can get labels by URL, a picture, or a keyword.

All things considered, the Ingramer service is a steady tool for consistent Instagram promotion.


Cost: $24 a month (just for the top Instagram bot).

Bigbangram is something other than a bot, it is an Instagram advancement or promotion service which can provide you with an all-encompassing online networking promotion using a vast range of tools. It can give the most significant level of security and safety: the developers incorporated a code which doesn’t permit the bot breaking Instagram’s limits. Aside from fundamental automation highlights, Bigbangram offers a lot of different services that are listed below:

Features of Bigbangram:

  • Limitless auto-linking, commenting, following, and unfollowing.
  • A boundless number of accounts that can be promoted.
  • Mass direct messaging– contact custom groups of clients in a single click (additionally includes a capacity to send Instagram direct messages using PC)
  • The comment tracker won’t permit you to miss any single message.
  • Auto-erase of negative comments.
  • Posting module with extended functionality.
  • Purchasing instant likes and followers.
  • Proxy support.
  • Full circle internet-based management – a chance to hire an SMM specialist who will do promoting related work rather than you.

Additionally, before launching a worldwide campaign, clients can attempt the administration for $1 and use 3 days for trial.

Instazood – Modest And Cheap Option

Instazood is the modest and cheap option and with just $9.90/month a flat out deal. Contrasted with Ingramer you get practically all features yet cost is altogether lower. This makes Instazood #1 in the price/performance positioning. It fulfills the most significant functions, is easy to use, and diminished to the most fundamental. You can also automate Likes, Comments, Follow/Unfollow, and DMs and furthermore define fundamental things in regards to targeting. There is additionally the likelihood to randomize the activity and stimulate human behavior.

Given the truly low cost, Instazood is beneficial both for learners and for proficient organizations with restricted spending plans. The money related hazard is truly limited and the Dashboard is a lot simpler and more clear which can be profitable for newcomers.

Stellation Media

This is another automation tool that you can depend on to expand your following on Instagram. You should simply make top-notch content, and Stellation Media will deal with the rest. Their pricing plans start from $50 as far as possible up to $299.

What makes this device truly stand apart is its offering of features that you’d not generally get from other Instagram bots. For example, Stellation Media gives you an alternative to blacklisting accounts.

Other features include:

  • Follow and unfollow
  • Account targeting
  • Area focusing on
  • Force likes
  • Free video views

Moreover, the team at Stellation Media offers a free consultation. This is typically completed before you begin utilizing their platform. Basically, it serves as a guide.

During the consultation, you’ll be asked for some information about your Instagram objectives. This is the ideal chance to portray your brand, what it’s about and the specialty of followers you’re focusing on.

Using the information you give, Stellation Media makes an effective Instagram engagement system, which they’ll begin executing immediately.


Sometimes, it pays to go with somebody who has been in this industry for quite a while, and at different times it pays to try something totally new. While it takes a great deal of confidence to pick a newer organization, sometimes it pays off.

Trusy is a genuine example of this. These folks haven’t been in the business for long, yet they positively appear to recognize what they’re doing. They are hard-working, committed, and they approach your Instagram growth from a one of a kind edge that you won’t find anywhere else.


  1. Chatbox
  2. Secure site
  3. Video tutorials
  4. Extraordinary features
  5. Steady client group


  1. Micro influencer $97 per month
  2. Influencer $197 every month
  3. Individual brand/business $347 every month


Cost: $39 every month.

Popamatic is a very Instagram bot. The makers guarantee to give the Instagram assistant that can replace the entire SMM agency. How might they do that? They give a personal assistant that deals with the account. It assists with setting up focusing on and consistently assists with promotions. One of the best features of the service is 7 days of a free trial. One of the incredible minuses – no smart unfollow function.

Features of Popamatic:

  • Auto like and auto-follow.
  • Focusing on by means of hashtags and area.
  • The possibility to make a blacklist of clients.
  • The opportunity to schedule your promotions.

How to increase your YouTube Channel Views Using YouTube View Bots

How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Views and Subscribers – Using YouTube View Bots and Other Methods

You have already identified what you are passionate about, and genuinely feel some people can gain from your perspective, but your new YouTube channel is not attracting any body’s attention. What options do you have? let us explore

Remember the time when you enthusiastically set up the camera, adjusted the lighting, made sure your dress reflected your real personality, ensured that the background is appropriate. Finally, you put your heart out on the content you created with so much passion! The 15-minute video you recorded and uploaded on YouTube, but the anxious next few days and a seemingly never-ending long week later, the number of views didn’t amount to anything to write home about. How can anyone not like the idea you just discussed so emphatically? You wonder why? There is nothing wrong with your thoughts, content, or delivery. In such a chaotic, fast-paced, fleeting attention span world of YouTube, your video got buried under the weight of algorithms. These algorithms place unparalleled weightage on how popular content is before dishing it out users who are searching for similar content.

How can you get more views? A quintessential problem indeed for content creators and aspiring influencers. There are multiple methods If you cannot grow your viewership organically, or you are in a hurry to get maximum visibility in a short time, then you can use a bot.

YouTube is a powerful marketing channel. 8 out of 10 marketers feel YouTube is the most effective platform for video content ( Globe 2019 ). With over 2 billion users, its monthly active users are only second to Facebook. With an increase in the consumption of video as a medium to take in information about news events and new products, it’s known that 90% of people have reported that they discovered new brands or products on YouTube. One may start with the notion that their idea or proposition is unique, but with the volume of content creators already on the platform, its most probably that there are similar channels on YouTube, who might be canvassing your idea. How do you rank on top of these related channels, especially when you are just starting?

YouTube algorithms consider multiple factors, factors as Watch Time – Whether your videos have watch time more than 50% or not? Click-Through Rate – how many people decide to click on your video while only looking at the thumbnail in the search results, Post Velocity – The degree of engagement your video has garnered in the first 24 hours of being posted. But the most critical aspect is the number of subscribers and views that your channel and videos have collected. Curated viewership is the single most crucial aspect of all the factors YouTube considers to determine if there is traction for your content. It is not just another vanity metric, it’s one of the most critical parameters to allow you to monetize your YouTube channel.

There are multiple ways you can grow your channel. There are organic ways, and then there are inorganic ways. Inorganic forms are those methods that don’t involve real user interaction; these can be quite effective and deliver results in a short time to give you the necessary push in terms of Views and Subscribers to your channel. One such method is to employ YouTube View Bots or YouTube Sub Bots. Let’s understand this better.

What is a YouTube View Bot?

A bot is a software program designed to run autonomously. The software program or a bot (short for a robot) mimics a real user and start interacting with your content.

How does a YouTube View Bot Works?

The bot is designed to mimic various regions, so for example, it uses VPN and other masking techniques to project that your users are coming from multiple geographies across the world instead of just say the United States. The bot also mimics a user’s actions like it can execute likes or subscribes to your channel and spend viewing time by keeping the videos playing in the background. It does this by deploying multiple threads (Threads are parallel programs running simultaneously)

How can I use the bot creatively?

You can use the automation in the bot to programmatically share your videos across multiple, enter comments on your videos. The best part of having a synthetic user or a bot is that you can schedule various tasks across 24 hours for it to keep interacting with your content.

Word of Caution for Using YouTube View Bots

Botting or use of YouTube view bots are against the YouTube Terms of Service; if caught, you run the risk of potentially getting banned from the platform. YouTube prides itself on being the custodian of authentic content and abhors the user of fake tactics to gain traction on the platform. This activity eventually puts a question mark on You Tube’s credibility of being a reliable source of valuable content. Think about it; it’s not just about YouTube’s ambition to be most genuine; it’s also about its revenue stream. As you know, YouTube makes money off displaying ads, a few years back, Google was brought under the scanner as it was alleged that Google was charging for ads that are viewed by bots. So the crackdown on bots is understandable from Google’s point of view.

What other Platforms can I use?

Apart from deploying bots to increase your viewership, you can also subscribe to various view exchange services. These services work on a fundamental principle. You register and log in with your YouTube channel on these platforms and participate in a mutual exchange of views of other users.

Grow Views


GrowViews allows you to increase your followers, your viewership. The platform enables you to boost your overall views on your channel, helps you to get more likes from other users. The system automates the entire viewing experience, one can start in the player, and the player keeps moving videos in the background to allow you to gain credits.



Sprizzy is a promotional platform explicitly designed for YouTube. It gives the right exposure for the content creators and brings the creators and fans together. They use advanced learning algorithms and targets the right set of audience which you pick and ensure that your content is readily viewable for those specific users. They claim to have helped over 10,000 channels!




Similar to GrowViews, YTMonster is an exchange platform

and it has been around for a few years. Services include YouTube Views, YouTube Likes, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Reshares. It also includes YouTube Dislikes! Once registered, you can earn credits for videos watched and then use a combination of paid and earned credits to further grow your channel’s overall viewership through running campaigns.

Finally, do you own due diligence and review the You Tube Fake Engagement Policy, before you decide to take on any of the strategies listed above.